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In a devastating season, Christopher and Lisa Maahs came to the Community Foundation with the hopes of creating a memorial for their beloved son.

jenna weix marketing director

By: Jenna Weix
Director of Marketing

22 February 2021

The Robbie Maahs Memorial Fund: Continuing the Memory of a Beloved Son

In 2005, after unexpectedly losing their son at the age of 2, the community of Wausau surrounded the Christopher and Lisa Maahs family with love and generosity. Needing to find a place to house the generous donations from their family, friends, and community, the Maahs family turned to the Community Foundation with the hopes of creating a memorial for their beloved son.

“There wasn’t any thought other than to create a fund at the Community Foundation,” said Lisa Maahs. “Immediately, the Foundation gave us the help we needed to set up the correct kind of fund, as well as being so very compassionate during the most difficult time of our lives.”

For 17 years, the Robbie Maahs Memorial Fund has continued to make a difference in the Wausau community. Nearly $60,000 has been donated back into the community designated mainly toward youth initiatives.

Knowing the fund continues to make an impact in the community is what spurs the Maahs family forward. “One of the only bright spots for a very long time after Robbie’s death was knowing the fund was helping our local youth,” says Lisa Maahs. “The sweet notes of thanks when a parent couldn’t afford a class or sport for their child, have always been an unexpected and heartful blessing to our family.”

The Community Foundation understands that dealing with all of the arrangements during a time of grief can be overwhelming. Honoring a loved one through a memorial fund allows your family to continue on that person’s legacy in perpetuity.

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