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Building Community

A healthy nonprofit sector is essential to building a vibrant and livable community. The Community Foundation is committed to supporting our nonprofit sector by providing information and educational resources, opportunities to network with each other, and financial support for their important work. Here are some helpful resources available to you:

Leadership Resource

With 30 years of experience, we are able to advise and collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and foundations for the betterment of our community. As an integral part of the community, Foundation staff can advise groups and individuals who are considering establishing a charitable organization about local needs and the viability of their plans. We offer guidance in creating their organization, introduce them to additional funding sources, and provide examples of successful fundraising campaigns to help them gain support for their important work.

Education Resource

Educational opportunities such as the Nonprofit Management Institute, Lunch & Learn sessions, and the Nonprofit Exchange provide ways to learn how to strengthen your organization and become more effective in accomplishing your mission. You also benefit from networking with attendees from other charitable organizations.

Program Resource

Foundation staff is available for speaking engagements regarding the impact of our donors and philanthropy’s role in shaping the future of our community.
For more information about any of these services, please contact the Community Foundation at 715.845.9555 or [email protected]