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Legacy Society Members

The following list of visionary individuals have demonstrated their leadership by notifying us of their plans to leave a lasting gift to their community through their estate plans.

Mary Bethke

Mark & Ann Bradley

Patrick & Karrye Bradley

Kerry & Cheryl Brimmer

James Collison & Annaluna Karkar

Jean Marie Dehn

Arzelee Drown

David & Marie Eisenreich

Robert Elbe

Jeffrey Evenhouse

Don & Karen Grade

Mark & Deb Hadley

David & Gwen Hegy

Carol Ann Holz

Donald & Sally Hostvedt

Randy & Anne Jefferson

Sondra & George Juetten

Henry & Bonnie Kanemoto

James Klueder

Keith Kocourek 

Robert Kumbera

Bill & Kathy LaBrake

Thomas & Barbara Lattimer

David & Darlene Lee

Carol Luedtke

Tom & Jan Mack

David & Carol Marquardt

Dennis & Bonnie Mealy

Daniel & Linda Meschefske

Larry & Ann Meyer

John & Susanne Michler

Bret & Sarah Miller

Michael & Mary Moen

Kevin & Diane O’Connell

Todd & Kerri Olson

Duane & Joy Patterson

Sarah (Sally) Perry

Frederick & Linda Prehn

Robert & Gerri Quirt

Anthony J. & Geraldine M. Rein

Tom & Phyllis Riiser

Ron Schubert

Marvin & Ruth Schuette

Noel Sonnek

Ivan & Anna Stanko

Robert & Linda Stasney

Chet Suski

Bill & Jean Tehan

Liz Tillisch

Rose Towle

Patrick & Jeanne Wallschlaeger

Lane & Linda Ware

Brian & Patricia Wellmon

Jane Wiley

Realized Legacies

Katherine H. Anderson 

Frank Bachhuber

Carol R. Becker 

Folke & Jean Becker 

Raymond A. & Amella P. Beilke 

Norman Bradfish 

Elizabeth Bradley 

Leon & Alma Burger 

Dexter & Ruth Cihla 

Jerome R. Czerwinski 

Mark H. Dreyer 

Edward & Lois Drott 

Betty Thom Foster 

D.J. & Mary Clare Freeman

George L. Geisler 

Eileen Goggins Schultz

David Jahnke 

EO & Laverne Johnson 

Bart & Patricia Kellnhauser 

Emma C. Larson 

Paul W. Luebke 

James & Susan Lundberg 

Caroline S. Mark 

Ewald Pagel 

Orville & Geraldine Peterson 

Edward Rahne 

Jerome A. Scheibl 

Clarion G. & Irene B. Sternberg 

Lawrence & Jane Sternberg 

Jerome Thiessen

John & Doris Ullrich 

Lane Ware

Frank Bachhuber

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you, and we invite you to join the Legacy Society by filling out our statement of intent. You will be joining a list of community-minded individuals who have notified us of their plans to leave a lasting gift to our community.

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