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By: Pat Wallschlaeger
Managing Partner
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18 AUGUST 2020

Leaving a Legacy: Estate Planning During a Pandemic

Any time a new risk of life such as this pandemic presents itself, people pay attention. The amount of negative news that has been shouted from the rooftops has everybody talking. Unfortunately, most people do not have wills and that can create panic in the form of anxiety surrounding the proverbial comment, “We should have done a will or reviewed our estate plan!” or “What if that is me on one of those respirators?”.

The many thoughts that run through our heads, lead us to picture ourselves alone in that room without any family members and unable to tell people or organizations how much they mean to us. Hopefully, we have had the opportunity to tell our family every day that we appreciate them, but what about our friends and organizations? Many times that appreciation is relegated to our final wishes, memorialized in our wills.

Is it time to draft or modify our wills? If something happens to me will my favorite charity, who counts on my help each year, get by? Why not seek help from a local non-profit organization that specializes in helping those organizations, even if you were not here. Our Community Foundation provides skilled professionals, managed investment pools, and a caring touch for your special wishes that are part of your estate plan.

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