Fund Options

Merrill Area Community Foundation

Established in 2000, the Merrill Area Community Foundation continues to build a solid financial base for the future. The advisory board set a goal of building a fund balance that would grow and develop to meet the current and future needs of the Merrill area. A major step toward that goal was realized in 2007 with the success of a community fundraising campaign spearheaded by a $100,000 challenge grant from Church Mutual Insurance Company. Businesses and individuals responded to that challenge by pledging over $200,000 in matching funds, which took the campaign to $311,000.

With a current fund balance in excess of $500,000, the earnings from the Merrill Area Community Foundation Fund is able to provide the capital needed for the Merrill area to prosper today and on into the future.

A board of local representatives meets quarterly to conduct business and to review any grant requests received within that time period. Applications can be submitted through the CFONCW application website. Grant guidelines can be downloaded by clicking here.

Funds Serving the Merrill Area 

Restricted Funds:

  • Merrill Area Community Foundation Fund (2000)
  • Merrill Community Foundation Endowment Fund (2004)
  • Children's Developmental Disability Fund (2005)
  • City of Merrill Park Endowment Fund (2011)
  • Richard V. Geiger Memorial Fund (2005)
  • Lincoln County 4-H Leaders Association Endowment Fund (2013)
  • Frank Roskos Memorial Fund (2007)

Donor Advised Funds: 

  • Dahm Family Fund (2011)
  • Hostvedt Family Fund (2000)
  • Merrill Aware & Active Citizens Fund (2018)
  • Linda Osness Park City Credit Union Fund (2010)
  • Linda Semling Peterson Fund (2012)
  • Arthur & Audrey Taylor Fund (2012)

Project Funds:

  • Lincoln County Partners in Education Fund (2003)
  • River District Development Foundation of Merrill Fund (2011)

Scholarship Funds:

  • Elsie Heckman Memorial Scholarship Fund (2010)
  • Sally Pfund Memorial Sch Fund (2003)
  • Mitchell Metal Products Scholarship/Grants Fund (2003)
  • Sally Pfund Memorial Scholarship Fund (2011)
  • Paul C. Simon Memorial Scholarship Fund (2008)
  • David & Emily Streich Scholarship Fund (2004)
  • Alan C. Vecchio Memorial Fund (2013)
  • Tim Volz "79" Memorial Scholarship Fund (2009)

Merrill Area Community Foundation Board of Directors

The Merrill Area Community Foundation Fund is governed by a volunteer board of directors chosen for their commitment to, and knowledge of, the needs of the community. Members of the board include:

  • Renea Frederick, President
  • Deb Moellendorf, Vice President
  • Dawn Schroder-Silvela, Secretary
  • Dan Hanson, Treasurer
  • Jeremy Cordova
  • Trisha Detert
  • Greg Gill
  • Chris Grunenwald
  • Mike Grunenwald
  • Paul Klippel
  • Dennis Krueger
  • Scott Reindl
  • Linda Semling-Peterson