Fund Options

Fund Options

Caring individuals, families, businesses, and organizations have trusted the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin with their charitable gifts for nearly 25 years. We currently administer more than 300 funds, providing a permanent resource for a wide variety of needs. With a low 2 percent administrative overhead, nearly 100 percent of our donors' gifts are invested in the programs they wish to support.

The Community offers the following fund options to accommodate your philanthropic giving. You can contribute to an existing fund at any time in any amount, or establish a new fund in the name of your choosing.

Community Enhancement Funds

Community Enhancement Funds allow the Community Foundation's board of directors its greatest flexibility in making grants to the community. Your gift will address ever-changing needs – including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. The flexibility of your gift enables your Community Foundation's program experts to respond to the community's needs – today and into the future.

Donor Advised Funds

Donors can be actively involved in the grant making process by recommending charitable organizations to receive grants from the fund established in their name. Individuals, families, businesses, and private foundations can all benefit from the convenience of utilizing donor advised funds as the means of achieving their philanthropic goals.

Restricted Funds

The donors can direct their gift to a specific charitable organization or purpose. Nonprofit organizations can use a Restricted Fund to build their endowment and enhance their ability to accept gifts of any size and from various sources.

Scholarship Funds

Established as a means to honor or memorialize a special person, to honor a specific scholastic institution, or to support a particular field of study, scholarship funds allow the donor to determine the criteria students must meet to receive the scholarship. The Community Foundation takes care of all the administrative details and awards scholarships in perpetuity to deserving students from preschool to postgraduate.

Project Funds

Project Funds benefit a specific community fundraising effort within a defined time period. You can be assured your gift will go directly to meeting the needs of that particular project.